Our shipping will begin Monday April 18th through Monday May 23rd. The orders will ship according to placement as well as the region and weather. Florida ships earliest followed by Louisiana, Texas, California and then farther north as the weather permits.


Our plants are shipped UPS ground where the plants can arrive within 1 to 4 days. This now includes California. Where plants can't arrive in 4 days, priority mail will be necessary and will incur an additional charge.

We are sorry that currently we are not shipping to Hawaii. Priority mail has been taking 8 days from our location in Florida and is too much stress on the plants


Plants being picked up at the nursery must be arranged in advance and is curb side pickup for prepaid plants only as our greenhouses are not open to the public.

All of our plants are growing in 6" pots and have multiple branches with an overall height of 16-22". Most are grafted on Pride of Hankins root stock with a few that root well growing on their own roots.